We are a private research start-up company in Romania.

Ab Initio Research Services Ltd., being an established private research start-up company in Romania, deals with chemical research and IT software development. The main research line includes theoretical chemistry and computational chemistry methods and uses IT as a tool to achieve its goals. Our main products, as the results of our actual research lines, are listed in products and services.

Romania has one of the lead IT sectors in Europe but most of the IT companies in the country exhaust their productivity by executing outsourced contracts of foreign companies. While this strategy naturally creates a productive programmer community, innovation is excluded this way and our company focuses to fill this gap with long-term plans and goals. As a first stage, establishing the coder team has been finalized and moving to international markets is next.

The strategy is to innovatively combine IT with science in a well-established IT industry (most programmers per capita in the world) with identified needs in the global health sector, therefore tackling global problems with local resources. As a consequence, actively slowing the Romanian brain drain phenomenon and taking part in the growth of the country and ultimately the common European market.

We are focusing to find investors and potential customers for our products. Being the beneficiary of a 200.000 Euro EU grant, the company has an established coder team working on scientific innovative software for the medical sector. Its obvious intentions are to grow via innovation and technology and to go international on competitive markets. Being in a consortium with a private medical clinic (therefore having access to medical staff and equipment) and also with a non-profit research foundation, the ultimate goal of the company is to combine efforts and fully get involved in medical chemistry research.

We are also involved in outsourced pharma software development and distribution as the ultimate goal is to completely detach from grants and establish as an independent company. Also, we are planning to meet investor expectations from abroad and execute them with internal abundant resources at home, directly creating a link between a competitive market and an EU company.


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The software can be as good as the people who produce it. ABINIRES benefits of diverse knowledge team, which includes project director, researcher – programmer, developers, web designer, python programmer on safety and reliability of IT systems.

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Creating a tool for the design of novel, advanced, Nano, pharmaceutically active materials and the pharmacological and toxicological assessment of the latter ones.

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