INNOLABS 2nd Call for innovative projects in personalized healthcare – I-DAP – Innovative Data-Platform for Medical Device safety monitoring

INNOLABS is a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691556.

INNOLABS was looking for pioneers in the field of healthcare, a real health revolution, for Innovative Ideas to empower mHealth, in September 2018. 

Thanks to the romanian cluster cooperation  TRANSYLVANIAN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CLUSTER with TPM-Tecnopolo di Mirandola we were brought together with our project partner – DataRiver srl – with the Industry Research Project called I-DAP – Innovative Data-Platform for Medical Device safety monitoring  during a workshop dedicated to cases of success in Bio-Medical sector innovation.

We are both SMEs in the Health and Biomedicine sector seeking to collaborate with the IT sector for developing cross-sectoral health solutions that will bring society closer to the next generation healthcare system.

Through INNOLABS Calls, INNOLABS supports projects coming from cross-sectoral teams that are led by a SME based in the EU teamed up with another partner.

By applying for this 2nd Open Call we were entering in a competition to engage the 2nd INNOLABS Acceleration Programme.

From the 13th to the 14th of November  2018 DataRiver and Ab Initio Research Services went to present the “Innovative Data-Platform for Medical Device safety monitoring” project (I- DAP) at the 2nd Acceleration Programme kick-off meeting held in Madrid by INNOLABS.

I-DAP, funded by the European Programme INNOLABS, developed an innovative software platform for continuous monitoring of Medical Device safety by semantically integrating different information sources: Public Reporting Systems, Scientific Literature, Business Databases and Social Networks. I-DAP exploits Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to provide risk indicators referred to each specific Medical Device.

The I-DAP project aims at developing a web platform for the semantic integration of data collected from institutional and corporate security databases, as well as scientific literature and social media.

Ab Initio Research Services intends to exploit its expertise and help DataRiver in INNOLABS project,  regarding toxicological assessment, which is an important aspect in medical device analysis since its design. The objective is to develop an innovative tool specifically tailored for the medical devices sector.

DataRiver, with Ab Initio Research Services was one of the 24 companies awarded in the framework of the INNOLABS 2nd Open Call.

According to the SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT signed on 06.11.2018 between Ab Initio Research Services srl-D and DataRiver srl, the following services were carried out by Ab Initio Research Services:

  • Local market analysis (M4 of Sub Grant Agreement n.2018/A22)
  • Meeting local biomedical companies 
  • Identification of best strategies for market entry (M6 of Sub Grant Agreement n.2018/A22)

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