Dr. Zoltán Antal

Project director

A strong believer in diplomacy and democratic ways.

Scientific background covers a Bachelor’s in Science (Organic Chemistry), a Master’s (Advanced Organic Chemistry), and a PhD in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.

Co-founder of the start-up company called “Ab Initio Research Services” founded in 2016 specifically for the 1.2.1 POC program (National Strategy for Research and Development) in Romania. It is a SRL (LTD), type-D (D for debutant) company and its first EU funded project is called: “Creating new software  tools for the design of novel, advanced, nano-materials, and pharmaceutically active materials and for their pharmacological and toxicological assessment“.

Returning to Romania from Canada after a longer absence, specifically to introduce specialized knowledge acquired abroad into the country, and the company will form the legal basis of all research activities.

PhD obtained at Memorial University of Newfoundland (CA), in 2014 with Prof. Paul G. Mezey as supervisor.

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