Web Development

We are building websites in a way to never restrict us and to satisfy every customer’s requirement. You can edit front-end as well as administration interface, so the final solution would optimally fit to all requirements. Thanks to the boundless flexibility its ideal alternative same to developers but also to the users who work with it every day.

Websites of public administration must comply with all accessibility requirements under the criteria of EU regulations. Our programmers have experience in designing accessible web sites. Public and government sites benefit from easy administration also by flexible website structure, detailed user rights management and archive, which records all changes to the site. Thanks to the uncompromising flexibility it’s ideal for the development of sophisticated online system. You can have a full control of development even without our support. Many of our customers have their own development teams and they building their system on our framework. (HTML, CSS, editing modules through PHP development etc) Alternatively, you can completely solve development without us. If necessary, you reach can always reach to us.

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